15 December, 2005

Merry Christmasu! ^^

Hehe, it's a little early, I know, but I probably won't be around to update this on Christmas Day proper, so here's an early "MERRY CHRISTMASU!" to everybody-wody outaru there! ^^

(*ahem* Excusey-wusey the slip of the accentaru there...)

In terms of actual in-game events, today was the day the Starlight Celebration became active. As part of the Christmas celebrations, Jeuno has put up its Starlight Celebration rendering of its ever-familiar theme, and of course, the Moogles have come out to play! ^^

Last year's event involved a series of giving out the Christmas joy to the children of the various cities (resulting in mauch /laughing at the people who couldn't distinguish between Tarutaru adultarus and cubs ^^), and this year involves handing out Christmas cards to people out there!


The card you get from the Moogle can't just go to anybody. Oh, no. It must go to a very specific person, a person of a particular job, and level range, too! For example, my first task of the day was to play postman to a thief whose level is in the 40s!

All excited, I trundle out into the world of Vana'diel to find...


...wait a sec, where'd all the THF40-49s go?!

I eventually hunted one down, gave him the card addressed for "Mr. THF40-49", and went back to talk to the Moogle, but guess what? I got another card to give to somebody!

*runs off again*

What resulted was being by far one of the most tedious events ever. To be honest, I'm still not quite sure what you had to do in order to satisfy the Moogles. As it turned out in the end, it seems that sadly you do not need to actually give out any cards to people. What matters is that you receive cards.

See, only once you handed in a card somebody else gave you, then you would get the Dream Robe if certain other conditions were met, although I'm not quite sure what. It's a bit sad to say that this didn't really capture the Christmas spirit of last year's event- the spam that resulted in the three cities was to the point where I was considering fleeing to Lower Jeuno to escape the spam.

Actually, I didn't need to quite go so far- zoning into Windurst Walls reminded me just how big a headache I had gotten from all that spam going on. >_< It was quite sad, some people were just shouting that they needed cards, but had no intention of giving out any. /sigh. Oh well. >_<

Anyway, it took a few tries, but eventually after hunting down elusive jobs (DRK50-59 for example), and being hunted down myself (SMN40-49 was a particularly popular job/level combination it seemed), I finally got this year's special item- a Dream Robe!

And you know what? It was worth it. Almost. Well, I don't know to be honest, but it looks soooo cute! Actually, I don't really like the way I look in the Dream Hat, so I decided to go about just wearing the coat around town. Besides, I think it looks very snazzy with the pimp hataru! ^^

So, once again to everybody-wody...

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Strawberrie said...

Oh that's so cute!! I didn't do a Christmas card this year, I should have... I don't think Vagus and I even took pictures yet! Ick, I better get on it before the decorations disappear!