25 November, 2005

He-He-He-He-He-Hexa Strike!

Over the past few days, I've been doing random things with Enron with the intention of getting some progress on our crafting. One time, we went down to the Sea Serpent Grotto where Enron could steal me some Gold Beastcoins and another day we went down to the Kuftal Tunnel to farm the Recluse Spiders there for Spider Webs for Enron's Clothcraft.

However, as of late, these sessions have started to look more like skillup sessions, at least for me, than actual farming. Part of that is probably the difficulty in procuring synthesis materials for me. While we can spend a couple hours in Kuftal and come back with something like ten Spider Webs, that's ten skillup synths for Enron. Comparatively, we only get say, three Gold Beastcoins, which isn't even enough to fund one of my skillup synths. >_<

Anyway. Over time, I've been randomly skilling up my Club here and there. I can't exactly say I've actually dedicated myself to skilling up my Club much, although when it comes to random things like beating up Devil Mantas while waiting for Charybdis to pop, or helping an LS member with their coffer keys, I'll usually take out the Club for a little whirl. Recently, I found that, as a WHM/NIN, I can actually take on Robber Crabs on a one-to-one match and hold my own very well between Stoneskin, Flash and Utsusemi: Ichi. Since then, I've been making a more concentrated effort at skilling up my Club.

Why, you say? Because White Mages have one of the coolest weaponskills in the game: Hexa Strike.

I know, it's really strange that a mage, yet alone a White Mage gets such a weaponskill, but hey, that's how things go. So one night, I draggen Enron down to the Monastic Cavern to try and skillup, and perhaps get a few Gold Beastcoins while we were at it, too.

The mobs checked as "Decent Challenge" to Enron (THF75), while they were T-VT to me (WHM67). I had brought my skillup stuff along, which basically consisted of some leftover Tentacle Sushi and a Life Belt. And so we started skilling.

Initially, things went great, and I got a full +0.6 of the first mob alone within a couple minutes. However, things slowed down considerably after that, although I'd still get the odd skillup here and there. I wasn't even sure what level the orcs in the higher end of the Monastic Cavern would cap weapons at, but looking at how they're DC to 75, I suspect they might be skillup up to 230 or so.

A few hours went by, and I even ran out of Tentacle Sushi! Enron fixed that problem by eventually lending me about 16 million gil worth of gear just so I could hit the mobs. >_< Although granted, it was fun to wander around with a Sniper Ring and a Peacock Charm. I don't think I've ever worn a single piece of gear that cost that much, although you can make the argument that my staves are about 16 million gil as well, but that's divided into 8. >_<

Of all times, the developers decided that tonight would be the perfect time to get to work on some emergency maintenance, so time was against us on this. Fortunately, with about half an hour left before the servers would be taken down, I finally get the message:

...and wasted no time in sending globs of clubbing, fireball-ish, twacking goodness towards the Orc. ^^

Hexa Strike is so funny. I really cannot comprehend just why they stuck this weaponskill on a White Mage of all classes, but I guess each job has to have its perks. It's just that every time I see the massive explosions fly across the screen with a White Mage's (and a Tarutaru White Mage at that, too) hand flying across the place, I just crack up. At least Enron and I can now make a {Light} skillchain: {Hexa Strike}>{Shark Bite} for the win! ^^

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