27 November, 2005

Dynamis Lord {Full attack!}

Hah, hah...
You cling to life so stubbornly... Troublesome fools...

Sightless grubs, how you struggle towards the light you cannot see.
Give up your painful strivings. Give in to the darkness of oblivion.

Fools...your deaths will serve to teach you the true nature of Dynamis...

Well, we tried the Dynamis Lord again. >_<

It had been about three months since my Dynamis linkshell last tried taking on the Dynamis Lord. A lot has changed since then, we've gotten several AF2s for people, and the linkshell as a whole, has grown considerably. It's somewhat strange for me to say this given how I've complained about the linkshell in the past, but I'm actually proud of us and I'm happy to be a part of this linkshell. ^^

Our numbers are still not quite enough to really take on the Dynamis Lord. Other linkshells that "farm" the Dynamis Lord bring in a full compliment of 64 people (or close to), but we only tend to have about 45 people on a run, which while decent (and we have grown from before!), isn't really enough to take on the Dynamis Lord just yet.

However, last week, Elmas announced that this would be his last Dynamis raid, as he has decided that it was time for him to leave the game for good. ; ; As such, he decided that, perhaps, as one final hurrah of sorts, we should try the Dynamis Lord just, one more time? ^^

About Elmas as a leader; the Explorer linkshell has been running for about a year already, although I only joined some eight months ago. While Elmas has his flaws (and don't we all), he has managed to construct a linkshell from ground up, and nurture it to what it is today. While we are not the biggest, the most successful, or the most well known linkshell out there, I get a definite feeling of comradeship and unity within the LS, and the associated respect for the linkshell and its members, which I think is something all linkshells, no matter the purpose, should strive for. To that end, Elmas has my respect, and I tip my Wizard's Petasos off to him.

Anyway, as I said, this would be Elmas' last Dynamis run. He sold off his gear for the other jobs and with the funds, bought the medicines for the linkshell to use when fighting the Dynamis Lord. He missed a couple things though, like Poison Potions to deal with Sleepga, and the Black Mages could have used a Vile Elixir +1 and a Pro Ether (taken from the GWS forums ^^) but he really wanted to give the Dynamis Lord one last try before he left.

And so did we.

The run felt...different. Normally, on Dynamis-Xarcabard runs, all I really care about is whether a Sorcerer's Petasos has dropped, since that puts me one hat closer to mine (astute readers will know I'm also under time pressure to get my AF2 hat ; ;). However, I didn't care for the hat much this time through, since I was (or we were) all /psych-ed up for the {Mega Boss}{Battle}.

(And no, the Sorcerer's Petasos didn't drop. -_-)

Anyway, we cleared Dynamis-Xarcabard up to Ying and Yang, the Dynamis Lord's two pet dragons with some time left to spare. We then did a complete rearrangement of jobs and party formations to cater to the big battle ahead. Literally. We were Warp II'ing people back to town so they could switch jobs and come back inside. For example, /NIN isn't very useful against the Dynamis Lord, so all melee set their subjobs to /WAR or /THF. RDMs went back to change their subjob to /DRK. Some other people went back to switch over to more damage-oriented classes, like Frisk (our resident PLD) who took out his SMN for a spin.

The first step in dealing with the Dynamis Lord is to first dispose of Ying and Yang. The tricky part is that given time, the Dynamis Lord will resummon his two dragons. However, their summoning can be delayed if Ying and Yang are both killed at the same time.

Positioning was important in this first as well. Our battlezone would be that final cliff edge before the funny, crack-like patterns leading back up to Castle Zvahl. That way, the mages can nuke from above and not get hurt, which is particularly important when dealing with the Dynamis Lord and his multiple AoE moves, like Oblivion Smash, which fortunately happens to be grounded. Since we (the mages) are nuking from above, the cliff edge would absorb the Oblivion Smash, and we could continue.

Anyway, we set out trying to kill both Ying and Yang. The idea was to whittle Ying down to 20% HP, then shift focus over to Yang. Once Yang is also at 20%, we'd gather the two dragons together, whereby the black mages would kill both simultaneously with a volley of Thundaga IIIs. On our first attempt, someone accidentally killed Ying, so we tried again after they respawned and we were successful the second time.

Melee then used Sleeping Potions and Opo-opo necklaces to get up to 300% TP, mages buffed, rested to full, and got everything ready, and after a bit of last minute discussion, we pulled the Dynamis Lord!

Our RDM/DRKs would Chainspell and spam Stun in pairs, since there is a chance that the Dynamis Lord will resist a Stun (which would be a very bad thing.) We figured from there, we had just under three minutes to kill the Dynamis Lord, which I guess isn't too bad if everyone was on {Full attack!}

We actually had a very nice start. It seems that the Dynamis Lord does start out with some Stoneskin-esque buff that needs to be worn down initially, but when we noticed that we actually were dealing damage to him, things started to look optimistic.

Then somewhere around 50% HP, the Dynamis Lord created clones of himself (two clones, to be exact), and teleported up to the mages before using Oblivion Smash. >_< Needless to say, that was firstly, unexpected and secondly, wiped out the mage row. >_< We managed to drag him back down to the cliff base, but things were slipping real fast. I Reraised and Manafonted into an Elemental Seal'ed Thundaga III which hit for pretty respectable damage (1100 damage or so). Alas, he teleported back up to the top and wiped out the mages once again, and that, as they say, was that. >_<

It was a pretty good shot at taking him down though, seeing as how there were only 47 of us in Dynamis-Xarcabard. It's too bad I didn't even get a chance to use any of the medicines I brought along with me (a Pro-Ether and a Vile Elixir +1), since the idea was to replenish my MP before I die, but oh well. I'm not quite sure just how far we managed to get his life down to, but from linkshell chat, it looks like somewhere between 30-40%, which as I said, is pretty decent given that this was our first real attempt at taking him down.

When time eventually expired, and we were returned to Xarcabard, we all said our farewells to Elmas with a bit of a fireworks party, thanking him for his efforts over the past year. I actually feel a little sad he's leaving, despite some of the things I've said about him, it's kinda strange...

In any case, from next week onwards, we move to ExplorerII, led by Lostman. がんばりましょう!^^

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