26 October, 2005

{White Mage} {I'm back!}

It's sure been a while, but I actually busted out the WHM AF today and xp'ed that again! ^^

Actually, I'm not quite sure just why I ended up leveling my White Mage again. For the longest time, I've been pondering over what job to level, and to be honest, I still don't know. Strawberrie invited me over to xp with Vagus and herself on their Ninjas, and since my White Mage was the job "within range", I went along with that. It's nice to go back to White Mage after such a long break, although I have to admit.

According to Berrie, Vagus had been raving over xp'ing down by the Cloister of Tides, deep within the Den of Rancor. I personally concurred with Vagus's choice, since I myself had xp'ed down there a long time ago, and had good memories of the place.

Even more fun, since you can xp off the Doom Toads (Undead Fallen mobs) there, I had a blast Cure-nuking to skillup my Healing Magic. Unfortunately, I think I hit the Doom Toad cap, and my Healing Magic still isn't capped. -_-

But the best thing about the Doom Toads is the sweet, sweet xp they give you, especially with an Empress Band's Dedication in effect,


To be honest, it was a little boring playing as WHM this time around, especially with two Ninjas and a Thief. I don't think I Cured very much at all, and all I was doing was keeping a Haste cycle and throwing in the occasional Flash and Regen II. That's about it. Either way though, I enjoyed myself (and the xp!), but time will tell if I stick to leveling my WHM in the future, I guess.

In the meantime, I have Sakurato bugging me to start up BRD, which would admittedly be very useful for this little project I have in mind...^^

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LadyRikku said...

Yeah I have seen alot of "2x Nin" Pt and have been in a few. There is almost NO downtime and the killing is not bad.