10 October, 2005


Some time ago, I picked up a Ve'Lugannon coffer key, and have since been meaning to find the coffer. For those who don't know, the Ve'Lugannon coffer contains the map to not only the Ve'Lugannon Palace, but the Shrine of Ru'Avitau as well. As such, given how I constantly get lost in sky, coupled with a particular liking towards getting maps, I really wanted to find this coffer.

Unfortunately, getting the map is quite a pain. There are a total of ten (10!) entrances to the Ve'Lugannon Palace from the Ru'Ann Gardens, and eight of them lead to possible coffer spawns. However, the eight positions are disconnected within the Palace, that is, you have to zone back out to the Ru'Ann Gardens and re-enter from a different entrance each time. Not only that, but anyone familiar with sky will know that magic aggro is everywhere. I think the only things in sky that don't aggro to magic are the Flamingos, and they're only outdoors...-_-

I had tried a few times previously, and failed simply becaues the coffer map I was using was (as I suspected), incomplete. They only had half the possible spawn locations instead of all eight. However, I managed to find a complete coffer map online, which I'll repost here for convenience's sake.

The numbered entrances, 1-10 follow the standard layout most published sky maps follow these days. Simply put, entrance "1" is the entrance to the left of the main teleporter from the Ru'Ann Gardens (to Brigandish Blade), then keep going clockwise around the Ru'Ann Gardens until you hit "10", which is the entrance to the right of the main teleporter (also to Brigandish Blade).

Bring plenty of Silent Oils and Prism Powders with you as well, including mages. The only practical chance you have at magically applying Sneak and Invisible is just upon zoning into the Ve'Lugannon Palace, after which all the magic aggro makes that a rather suicidal affair. In actuality, you will jsut need Sneak for a lot of the mobs in the Palace, notably Pots and Weapons. However, each entrance has a few Detectors that you need to navigate through, which you need Invisible for as well. Not to forget that the coffers are all behind doors, so you need to drop Invisible to open the door, and then reapply it in order to get out should the coffer not be there.

At some points, namely entrances "4" and "7", doors may prevent you from passing through. These doors are opened by activating the appropriately coloured monolith somewhere in the Palace. The entrance at "4" has the blue door, while "7" has the yellow one. While I don't recall just where the blue monolith is, I do remember that you pass by it if you work your way clockwise through to "4". As for the yellow monolith, the only accessible one I cound find was through entrance "10". The coloured doors also prevent passageway between the "5" and "6" zones, so you will have to exit and re-enter.

As always, things are not without event. I was running through the golem part of the Palace, when, upon finding that the coffer was not at the spot, I put Invisible back up and proceeded to make my way out...

All was fine until a golem popped in front of me. Normally, this is not a problem, until I noticed that first off, I didn't remember a golem here, but secondly, there was something about this golem that just didn't feel right. Call it a taru's intuition, but maybe it was perhaps, bigger than normal?

I instinctively turned around and ran, and as I thought...

...Zipacna {Found it!}

Seriously, of all times to pop...why then?!

Anyway, I eventually found my coffer, at the second-to-last spot, too. -_- Finally having the map to the indoor areas of sky though, makes things very useful. Well worth the trouble too, I'd say. ^^

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LadyRikku said...

Congrates on map.

Actually Zippa is Slightly smaller than the otehr statues in the area.

I know cause i see him almost every otehr week duing sky.

BTW : dectors aggro sneak.