15 April, 2009

What do you think of this as a layout?

After some fiddling around with Photoshop, I came up with this:

It's open to improvement, and is only something I quickly threw together, so there're bound to be some design flaws. As I am a believer of the "you cannot see your own mistakes," I'm putting this up for public consumption. Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, it's only a picture- this does not exist on the internet yet.

So, how is it? Too dark? Too many Mandragoras? Text too small? Why am I wearing a Haubergeon and a Butterfly Axe?

Some things to consider:
  • This was designed with a 1280x1024 resolution in mind, which according to the poll I put up, is the most common screen size.
  • Only "Standard camps" have been displayed. From what I've heard, not many people actually use Campsitarus for the alternate camps (and correct me if I'm wrong!) so I've decided not to display the alternate camps on the first fold (that's whatever you see when the website loads).
  • Where should the little explanation about standard camps and the button to flip over to Alternate camps go? Top left? Bottom right?
  • If you look on the left hand side, I'm toying around with the idea of maybe providing some extra value through articles related to xp'ing. There seems to be sufficient depth to explore, but I'd like to know what you all think about the idea. Basically, it'll expand Campsitarus into more of a real blog or online magazine rather than just a list of links.
  • Articles on the left, links on the right or the other way around?
  • Are the text "links" of the standard camps too small for comfort? You might be wondering what is with all the empty white space, but those boxes also need to fit the alternate camp listings for when users click on that button, and there are much more alternate campsites than there are standard ones.
  • Should I put info regarding BST pet camps here, and if so, where?
  • Is the colour scheme too dark? I didn't really give much thought to it, and based it off the current incarnation, using colours ripped from Caedarva Mire (place of /joy that it is -_-).
Either way, I'm sure it's an improvement over the one looooong list you have to scroll down in Campsitaru's current incarnation. Please leave feedback!


Anonymous said...


Not too dark, but certainly too dull.

The header/footer bg texture (I get why you used it...) is horrible =/

I would not be so afraid of making people scroll down. Yes, the font for camp listings is too small.

Are you sure the articles will be worthwhile? That they should take up so much space?

Sorry if I'm sounding overly negative, these are just my views :)

MogKnight said...

:3 I guess I should throw in some design input as well.

- While 1280x1024 is the most common out there, I would suggest not going that high and going down with 1024 or even 800. The reason being is because this would imply that people maximize their browsers and that might not be the case if they're playing Windowed Mode. Another thing is that you'd want less horizontal scrolling as possible because mouse wheels usually don't have a left or right scrolling thing involved.

- I would not hide the alternative camps, just have them there as they are but separate them.

- The article idea is a very nice idea, Moggie likes it~

- If anything, I would say... have full articles displayed on the left, your recent links and camp links displayed on the right.

- BST/Solo Camps should probably have a section of their own... as to where to put them... someplace easily accessible but not too hidden.

- I like the color scheme but you can come up with better header/footer images.

- Might wanna up the point size a bit on the list text, but it's too small as is.

Anexia said...

How are you planning on doing the new website? For some reason I was thinking using a blog program like wordpress (though I certainly could be wrong!) and a layout like that using a blog program would be a bit tricky to set up.

You'd probably be better off finding a template you like and customizing it to fit your needs/wants, if you are using a blog program.

That said, I'd definitely design for a smaller screen size. Either something that changes depending on screen size or either 800 or 1024 width. Sideways scrolling = no fun D:

tacrozar said...

I would get rid of those articles or put them in another page. I would prefer that the xp camp spots be more visible than anything else... it is after all why people would vis it it.

Oshikorosu said...

From a professional designing point of view;

I understand your capability with the graphics, so I won't be a nazi.

I enjoy the idea of the website being compact and to the point. Unlike the common expressions here, I enjoy the 'Featured Article' section, 'But' I only would endorse this idea if it's intended to be kept up with. Nobody likes seeing a recent post that's ancient, etc.

The menu of each level area off to the side is great. While the fruition of the website isn't in full bloom just yet, I would definitely consider a different colored link for 'alternate' camps, similar to what's being provided.

I find it ideal for the idea of the header/footer of the website, while it obviously needs to be taken to a higher level (which will be to come,) the idea is great!

Overall, Tuufless, you're doing a good job designing the website. This is often a daunting task, especially with creating from scratch with a possibility of a new Content Management System.

Just remember to think about your color palette, and to realize when flat white is just too bright against a dark blue/green/red/etc.

You know where to find me, should you need help with the programming / graphics / etc. Enjoyable so far, though.


Jynx said...

Personally I find the best way to shoehorn the alternative camps in the least intrusive way possible is to allow the Title headers for the level ranges to direct to another page with all the 1-10 main and alternative camps to be posted, giving more space to the layout without the need for a intrusive

"Alternative camps" box.

Heck maybe I'll throw up a mockup if I can.